Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Costume Research

So I think you all figured it out from my earlier post (and my Flickr stream). I am making a Wonder Woman costume. Did you get the Diana Prince reference?

I've always wanted to make a Wonder Woman costume. Ever since...


Notice, I didn't say wear; I said make. In my opinion, the commercially available Wonder Woman costumes are just not quite right. They're either way too revealing or a bit on the cheap and cheesy side. Acceptable, but not quite what I had in mind (and overpriced for the quality, in my opinion). So I started doing research.

For starters, there is no commercially available pattern for an authentic Wonder Woman costume. Second, there have been many variations on the Wonder Woman costume over the years. Luckily, someone else had done the research and put together a timeline. But ultimately, the quintessential Wonder Woman costume, in my head, is the Lynda Carter-worn ensemble from the CBS tv series from the late 70s.

Continuing my research, I went to Flickr, and did some searching. What I found were an amazing number of custom made costumes - many for sci fi and comic book conventions. (I don't want to post other people's pics without permission here, so click the links to see.)

My Favorite - The 10 Cent Designer.
A custom designed costume.
With Wondergirl at Dragon Con. Another view.
Amazing Costume at Comic Con 2009.
One more.

If you search Flickr for "wonder woman" or "wonderwoman" you will find lots of variations and different versions. Which affirms my love for the interwebs and my continued amazement at the creativity of people.

I also found a few listings for individuals who would take costume work on by commission. But because of the level of detail and the time it takes, it was way way out of my price range. And besides, this was about building the costume more than it will ever be about wearing it. But if you are interested, take a look here. Or here. Or here.

My web searching also led me to The Mannequin Project. The project involved the creation of a life sized Wonder Woman mannequin. Their project took 2 years to complete, and the site chronicles the project. Let's be honest, there is a certain level of lunacy to that project, but I, for one, can appreciate that. The site provides wonderful pictures of the costume and some tips about the original. This is a level of detail and fine craftmanship that I can't hope to approach.

With this knowledge in my mind, and these resources at hand, I set to work.

I'm going to chronicle my costume making journey here just in case someone else searching the Interwebs is interested. Note that I don't have advanced sewing skills. And any modicum of success is from a combination of pure luck and ridiculous amounts of rework.

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Meagan said...

Please tell me after all of that research and the upcoming makings of the costume that you are going to actually put it on, right??!! If not, send it to TX and I'll wear it. Impressed by your thoroughness and can't wait to see the finished product!

Knittripps said...

Cheering you on! In my mind putting on a Wonder Woman costume requires a certain amount of bravery. I think that is awesome.

Jennifer said...

Good luck. I was in awe at the sketch. I can't wait to see the finished product.

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