Saturday, September 05, 2009

Scraptastic Hats

Another project that I "favorited" on Ravelry were the garter striped beanies by Mustavilla. So simple, but so cute, and perfect for all of the odd balls of yarn I've been saving.

There's something very therapeutic about knitting these hats. Choosing the colors. The comfort of the simple garter stitch. I could easily knit one of these a day if I had a little more knitting time in my day, but I started with two.

Pastel Scrap Hat 02

Primary Scrap Hat 02

Of course, any knitter will immediately identify the one drawback of all of those colors...

Pastel Ends

Primary Ends 01

THE ENDS! Weaving in all of the ends had me a little intimidated. But as I sat down to take care of them, I found the process to be just as comforting as the knitting had been. I didn't hid them that carefully, but the garter stitch and the color changes make the seaming of the brim simple. Once I make my way through more of the wool, I'd like to use the oddments of cotton blends (mostly Cotton Ease) to make some baby versions as well - probably not tiny preemie due to the yarn weight and brim seam).

Scrap Hats

I don't mean to bore you, but there will be many more of these coming. I have too much yarn, and not enough time. Until I absolutely can't take it anymore, I will be knitting hats (and maybe a few mittens) from the yarn I have on hand. All hats that aren't claimed by my family or gifted will be donated locally when the weather starts turning bitter.

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Knittripps said...

Very nice. I am always looking for ways to clean up my stash. A few weeks ago I sorted out a bag full and gifted it to a friend of a friend who crochets hats and such.

Jennifer said...

These are so cute. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern/link with us. Now I finally know what to do with all that scrap yarn.

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