Friday, September 18, 2009

Paging Diana Prince.

This week's been a blur. As quickly as my knitting mojo arrived this summer, it's left. I still have a few finished projects to photograph and share with you, but just have been busy and distracted by other projects.

I alluded last week to my Halloween costume plans (I sew about as slow as I knit, so I have to start early). So far the list includes a gypsy, a Greek goddess, and a flamenco skirt. And those are just for the 8 year olds in my life. I've started all of them, and I'm noticing improvements in my sewing skills. The problem is that I'm having to make things up as I go along so there's lots of seam ripping. It's very Project Runway around here.

And for me, I've started another project. It's all about the process, because I'm not sure I'll ever wear it out of the house. Can you guess what it will be?

Halloween - in progress

The details will take some time and be crucial to the success. It's at a stand still while I wait for some of the materials to arrive. Guesses?

I've found the perfect craft table solution. I'm hoping we'll have time this weekend to start implementing something similar.

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AndreaLea said...

Awesome. I just started working on the boys costumes last week. It would be so much more fun to make girl costumes though.

Are you boning that top? It looks good!

Jennifer said...

You go Wonder Woman! I can't wait to see the stars on your shorts and that really cool lasso. Are you going to get the blue contact lenses to match??

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