Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Watch me pull a rabbit out of my...

For those of you that are not knitters, let me explain something. There is a website called Ravelry. It's a social networking and knitting pattern and project organization site. Kind of like Facebook but with an actual purpose. You can "friend" other knitters, look at other knitter's projects, search for knitting patterns based on type or yarn, ask questions in the forums, join groups with knitters of similar interests, etc. It's a really amazing resources, and I am inspired by the things I see on there all the time. It basically took the vast array of knitting content from all over the interwebs and put it in a single organized place, and gave it a very modern, shiny feel.

I can spend a lot of time surfing through projects on Ravelry, and one option the site offers is to flag a project or pattern as a "favorite". So right after I joined, I flagged Anny purl's Bunny and Kitty Sweaters (Ravelry Link). A very simple, but cute idea.

A few months ago, I finally got around to starting this. I used a very basic baby cardigan pattern and white Cotton Ease and got to work. And I tried something new - a pocket! This is my first inset pocket, and I'm quite thrilled with the technique. Though the execution on this particular sweater leaves something to be desired as far as placement and size. But I'm very happy with the result on this little sweater. And my heads now dancing with all kinds of other ways I could knit plain white sweaters with pockets and then embellish with finger puppets (puppies, chickens, hawkeyes, etc) and quirky buttons.

I absolutely love how this little sweater came together, but I do need your help. I was overzealous with the button holes and spaced them pretty close together. If I had to do this again, I would use fewer buttonholes. So here's the question:

Are 6 carrot buttons too much?

6 Carrot Buttons

Should I instead alternate with plain white buttons?

3 Carrot Buttons

The bunny is a little finger puppet knit using leftover kitchen cotton. It's cute, but surprisingly fiddly to knit.

Bunny Puppet

After ruminating for a couple of days, I think I know where I stand on the buttons, but I'll see what you all think first. And this is not the last time we'll be talking about bunnies this week.

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Jamie C. said...

The carrot buttons are adorable, but I like them alternated with white buttons. Leaves more buttons for another sweater. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater and the cute pocket-pal. I may have to try one of these myself. And, I am hooked on Ravelry lately too. Between that and Facebook, very little work gets done!

Lana said...

LOVE your sweaters!!! The alternating buttons look best to me. Ravelry is a great place for knitters except that it's one more diversion from the actual knitting;~P
Wonderful work!

amy said...

I'd go with the 6 carrots - they're not too close and they're so darn cute.

I saw your entries at the State Fair this past weekend. Nice job on all, once again I think the judging off - some of the winning entries - yuck!
Anyway, glad you entered, I may enter something next year.

AndreaLea said...

I vote for 6 carrots. I'm a sucker for fun buttons though. =D

Anonymous said...

Definitely the 6 little carrot buttons! What a cute sweater :)

janna said...

OMG -- so cute! And I vote for 6 carrot buttons. To me, the alternating buttons say "I only had 3 carrot buttons, so I had to fill in with white." And the carrots are so cute!

Bonnie D. said...

How darling! I vote for alternating buttons. Love the bunny in the pocket.

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