Monday, August 10, 2009

My weekend.

Friday Night
Saw Julie & Julia. Loved it. Rykert was prepared to be bored senseless, but reported that he actually found it entertaining and interesting. If you have a chance, you should read the books from which this film was based. But even if you don't, the movie is still worth it.

The weather promised to be hot and humid Saturday and Sunday, which is usually the norm around here, but not this summer. We were up early and headed for the ski lake. I made the skiers legal by being the "spotter." And I took a few pictures.


Jump 2 Step 1

Jump 2 Step 2

Not Rykert.

I was rewarded for my role as spotter by having Rykert tightly spin the boat to go pick up a downed skier which caused me to slide across my seat and on to the floor with a thump.

After the ski lake we headed to a water park a few miles from the ski lake. Initially the weather was cool and rainy, and we were concerned about our day's plans. But eventually the sun broke through and the weather was hot, with a bit of a breeze to keep it from being unbearable. No pictures for a lot of very obvious reasons, but the main one being that it isn't fair to put pictures of people in swim suits on the interwebs - especially if that person is me.

On the highway between Waterloo and Iowa City there is a sign for the small town of Brandon, Iowa advertising its star attraction: Iowa's Largest Fryin' Pan. We have stopped before, but I didn't have my camera. But this time through, I did. And while it is large, it's somehow not as large as we imagined it to be the first time we spotted the sign on the side of the road.

Iowa's Largest Fryin' Pan

To make up for sending me to the floor in the boat, I made Rykert stand in the frying pan and have his picture taken. He feels ridiculous.

Rykert inside Iowa's Largest Fryin' Pan

To make matters worse (or maybe, better) as we stood there admiring at this massive cooking implement and contemplated the number of eggs we could fry in this baby (40-50 dozen), an antique tractor parade ended around us. Oh small town Iowa.

I set out to deal with the produce that is overwhelming me from the garden. This doesn't even begin to capture all of it. Not even close.

080209 Harvest 03

I made Baba Ghanoush with the eggplant, and it was a success - just not my favorite thing in the world. The cucumbers have been haunting us, because how many cold cucumber salads can you eat. One night last week we actually had cucumbers with a side of cucumbers for dinner. So as we watched Julie & Julia and heard this line, "These braised cucumbers are a revelation," we looked at one another and agreed to give them a try. And the result? Blech. Not bad, but not good. Weird nonetheless. And with the tomatoes, I made a grilled chicken with bruschetta and fresh mozzarella. To make up for the braised cucumbers, I made a Devil's Food cake from scratch using a recipe in my grandma's recipe box. It was so rich I had to serve it with ice cream to cut down on the richness (ha).

There are still lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. And the garden's been neglected so who knows what else is ready down there. Any and all recipe ideas are appreciated. The one thing I probably won't be making is pickles. We still have jars and jars left from last year that we never got around to eating, which makes me reluctant to spend the time again this year.

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Knittripps said...

Are you coming to Des Moines for the fair? I don't suppose you are coming down for the Fiber & Threads preview on Wednesday. My sister and I will be going to see how we did.

Sara said...

I grew up 10-15 minutes from Brandon and my grandparents are just down the road from the frying pan. Yes, only in small town Iowa!

princessquiltandknitalot said...

try this salad -

you can increase the amount of cucumbers. it is my husband's summer favorite

Rykert said...

That was my worst jump of the day.

L said...

@Knitripps. No Fair for me on Wednesday, but I'll be there at some point.

@Sara. I love the giant frying pan, and Brandon seems like a very quiet little town.

@Princessquiltandknitalot. I'll have to give that recipe a try. Thanks.

@Rykert. These aren't even all from the same jump. They were just the best series of pictures I could put together.

AndreaLea said...

I imagined the frying pan to be larger than that. Although a frying pan that could fry a whole human is pretty big.

I think I will continue to resist the urge to make the husband and kids check it out next time we're driving that way.

I'm glad you posted this though as I've always been curious.

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