Sunday, August 16, 2009

More etsy.

I go hot and cold on etsy. Sometimes I'll find really great sellers and unique, high-quality items. Other times, I'll just get lost and never find anything. Lately, I've been on a spree.

This time I found something that I have actually been looking for. And they are better than I imagined.

They are stitch markers with knitting cues from Karastix.

Etsy Stitch Markers

I may buy another set or two, because there's a high probability that I would need more than one cue in a given pattern.

While I was in the seller's store, I also found this cute little swatch ruler, and had to have it. Had to.

Knitting Gauge

If I knit socks, I would definitely buy this keychain needle sizer and the kitchener keychain. (It appears that she has had a recent run on her store, so hopefully she will be restocking more items in the future.)

The items are well-made and the shipping was incredibly fast. And as is customary on etsy, the seller threw in a little lagniappe, a very cute zipper pull.

Etsy Lagniappe

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