Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Bunny Business.

The vision in my head for the bunny sweater included a matching hat.

Bunny Hat

Pattern: Bunny Tails from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Cotton Ease

I think it is very cute by itself. But...

6 Carrot Buttons Bunny Hat 02

is it all just a little, you know, TOO much?

If it's all worn together does it just scream HANDKNIT? But maybe not in a good way?

Moving along, thank you all for your comments on the Bunny Sweater. By the time I finally put the post up, I had pretty much decided to use 6 carrot buttons. I've never been much for subtlety. But I'm happy to see that many of you agreed with me.

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Anna-Marie said...

For the record, I think the sweater WITH the hat is totally adorable.
I dont know about where you're from, but around here, the first question would be, "where'd you buy that?". No one would think hand made.
That said, I love it. Esp the ears. I know someone having a baby in Feb.. maybe I can get some mad knitting skills by then, and make one!

princessquiltandknitalot said...

the bunny sweater and hat are adorable!

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