Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome Distraction

A few years ago, I knit a baby dress. It all started when The Preemie Project was in need of bereavement items, and the patterns I found online were not really my taste. So I made a baby dress, and made the pattern available. But ultimately I was never happy with the design - I wanted puffier sleeves. I finally re-made the dress and re-worked the pattern. And while it is still not 100% what I had in mind, I like it much better.

Baby Dress 01

Some of the finishing leaves a little to be desired. But ultimately, I am much happier with this version. If I can reconfigure the sizes, I'll probably make the pattern available at some point. Not sure if there is a market for the pattern or if there are already similar patterns available. (Thoughts?)

Unfortunately it's been difficult to get a good picture. The knitting's been done on this for a couple of weeks, but it took me that long to get the momentum to do the finishing (blocking, snaps, ribbon). And then it took me longer to try to properly photograph it. So in the interest of putting this project I aside, I give you these pictures...

Baby Dress - front

I have another question for you. I'm considering putting a little heart button (or 2)on the front, but am wondering if it would be too much. What do you think?

Baby Dress - 03

Or no?
Baby Dress - 04

The specifics:
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn
Needles: US 4 (I think?)
Size: I'm guestimating 3-6 months (but I'm terrible at judging those type of things)
Ribbon: Random little piece that I couldn't throw away but never had a purpose until now.

2 comment(s). Tell me what you think!:

Megan said...

Personally, I would leave the button off. The dress is really cute and I especially love the ribbon you chose.

Bonnie D. said...

Darling dress! I like the button and I would further embellish with a little ribbon underneath it. Just a 1/2" grosgrain or satin pink or red ribbon looped with the button sewed on as the "knot".

You make the cutest things!

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