Monday, July 20, 2009

Shout Out

I've been involved with The Preemie Project since 2005, and I've watched as the volunteers hard work has paid off to create an incredibly successful organization. The number of donations made in those 4 short years is staggering, and the group continues to grow. Unfortunately, I haven't been knitting as much for the group as I would like (and I plan to fix that soon), but I have been involved with their Board of Directors and as much as my schedule allows.

It was with great excitement that I picked up the most recent copy of Knit Simple magazine (with Debra Norville on the cover).

TPP Shout Out 01

And inside, I found a shout out. A lovely little write up on The Preemie Project, its mission, and history.

TPP Shout Out 02

It's wonderful to see the group mentioned in a national magazine, and I hope that this brings in a few new volunteers. Look for it, and if you are so inclined, please consider knitting a few hats and booties for the group!

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Laura Aker said...

Where did you find it?! Do you have a subscription? I still don't have a copy of this. :(

AndreaLea said...

I looked for this at JoAnn's last week and they didn't have it yet. Where did you find yours?

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