Sunday, June 07, 2009

More knitting.

First, thanks for the nice comments on the sweater. I really do appreciate it. I'm pleased that I finished a project that was larger than a hat, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Second, I ordered entries for the State Fair. They had to be ordered by July 1, and cost $5 for up to 10 entries. I decided it was worth the risk to just pay for the entries, and I then have until August 1 to complete a project to submit. We'll see how it goes from there. Anyone else participating in a local fair? Let me know in the comments.

Third, I started a new project. Can anyone (who I haven't already talked to about this) guess what it is?

Mystery Knitting - in progress

If you follow me on Ravelry, you will probably be able to figure it out.

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amy said...

Hmm, the chicken?

Knittripps said...

I plan on entering the fair this year. I don't know what I'll enter yet though. I suppose I had better hurry up and decide!

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