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When I got home from work today I knew that I had a very narrow window to (1) unpin my sweater, (2) sew the buttons on, and (3) cook dinner. It was a narrow window because the only photographer in the house had to be at work by 7, and he biked which meant an earlier departure. I managed to get it done (of course he cooked while I sewed on buttons, but that's beside the point). We still didn't have the time (or more importantly the patience) to take hundreds of pictures from which to select for this post. So, my head had to cropped out. Had to. I feel like a big enough dork having my picture taken as it is. And I'm sure our neighbors think we are weird.

So here it is. All in all, I'm kind of indifferent about it. It fits...

Radiate - Finished 01

sort of. (pay no attention to the unflattering photo.)

Radiate - Finished 03

But it's just kind of messy looking. I think it's due to a couple of things. First, my increases in the reverse stockinette left funky itty bitty holes. And second, I think I picked up too many stitches for the button bands.

Radiate - Finished 02
There's some seriously weird light affecting my arm in this picture.

I will probably still wear it. And I did have a bit of serendipidity in finding perfect buttons.

Radiate - Finished 04

The Details
Pattern: Radiate from Knitty (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Cascade Sierra (4(ish) skeins) purchased at Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Coralville
Needles: US 8

And the answer to the question is: yes, I really am that pale.

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MamaLizKnits said...

It looks great, but I totally understand how you feel! I haven't worn mine since I took a photo of it. I promptly folded it and stuffed it in the closet. I just feel sort of 'meh' about it. What a shame since we took so much time to handknit it!

That said -- you look marvelous in it, and you really did find some fabulous buttons. I hope yours gets more wear than mine.

Jennifer said...

I think it's beautiful. I will say, that I have redone the button bands because I realized that fixing that (and adding a few days of work to my sweater) would most likely ensure that I would wear it more.

BTW - I love that you have a great knitting store in Coralville. When I lived there (1988-90) we didn't have a store in Coralville. There were some nice stores in Iowa City, but your LYS looks great. It's probably just as well. I didn't really have much money for nice yarn back then anyway.

Ruby Banshee said...

I think it's super cute. It looks like it fits perfectly!
Do you recommend the pattern? Would you use the same yarn?

Ruby Banshee said...

Other people like it, too! You already have 148 views on Ravelry, and your photos are on the pattern main page! You're famous!

L said...

Thanks everyone.

RubyBanshee - I would recommend the pattern with some reservations. That being said there's another pattern that is very similar that I would probably prefer in retrospect: Monday Morning Cardigan by Laura Chau.

As for the yarn, it was economical. I really didn't care for the suggested yarn at all, so this was the best summery alternative. I've used it before and I'll use it again.

But I think a wool yarn would be better for hiding those increases in reverse stockinette which is a big source of my dissatisfaction.

Debbie said...

I love it! I think you look fabulous in it, and the color especially really suits you.

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