Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the winners are..

First, thank you to everyone who played along. I really appreciate all of your comments, and hope that you continue to read along and comment.

Using Random.org the winning comments were chosen:

Random 2

Because a couple people entered two comments in a row in order to provide their contact information, I counted each of those as a single comment.

So by my calculations, the winner of the first prize, the Cotton Ease is...

Chelsea (aka Chelseachip)

And the winner of the second prize, the Blue Sky Alpaca is...

Heidi (aka Digital Misfit)

I've sent each of you emails or messages via Ravelry for your contact information. Enjoy your chickens!

That was fun. Maybe I should have more contests. I'll have to keep that in mind. In the meantime, I've been knitting like crazy. I'm still hoping to enter something in the Fair contests, but not sure what, and the delivery date is now a month away.

3 comment(s). Tell me what you think!:

Meg said...

congrats to the winners - you lucky *******!

Debbie said...

Well darn. I mean, congratulations to the winners! Yay!

I guess I have to go get the pattern myself. Now, where did you say you got it? Home Ec?

Chelsea said...

Yay me! Winning this excellent prize is a great way to end my vacation! I can't wait until my finger is better so I can knit again.

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