Thursday, May 21, 2009

On Blogs.

When I first started blogging some 5 years ago, I had some anxiety about putting myself out there. Would anyone care what I had to say? Would it stack up as far as writing, photography, and general content to other blogs? So I blogged in basic obscurity and didn't tell anyone about my blog. I realized, eventually, that blogging was my creative outlet and it didn't really matter to me if I had hundreds of readers or if others judged me - it was fun and for me. So I started opening myself up, first to complete strangers in the blog world, and eventually letting it slip to my own friends and family.

It's highly unlikely that I will ever have 20,000 comments on a single post or enough traffic to create enough revenue to justify ads. But the truth is I really like to write, and I need to do it more to get better at it, and this whole blog thing is really a lot of fun.

So this funny little blog will keep chugging along. I can't let it go, because, frankly, I'm feeling rather invested in it. And anytime I start tinkering with the template or background or anything, I'm hit with a wave of nostalgia that forces me to leave it as is. But in order to keep myself busy and challenged, I've started a new project where I will attempt to wax on about food and recipes and food traditions. So without further ado...

Cornfed and Cajun Fried.

I've started this on Wordpress, and will eventually integrate the two blogs in some way (I have an idea, but need to work out the kinks). When I first started blogging, I decided to use Blogger because it was free and idiot proof. Five years later I still need something basically idiot proof due to my utter lack of computer skills, because honestly registering a domain and setting up a blog is still about all the technology I can handle.

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Knittripps said...

Of course I started reading your blog as a knitting blog but I also really enjoy reading about your gardening and cooking/baking. Best of luck in your new blog!

Bhavna said...

This is a wonderful blog. Read a few posts today. You have very diverse interests. Keep posting!

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