Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog Silence

I realized today that the blog went a bit silent last week. Last week creeped along, and a head cold made it all the longer. But I was back to full speed this weekend, and have finally uploaded the photos from my camera and have a few things to talk about this week.

First things first. I am knitting away on Radiate. It's going well, and I enjoy the yarn and the pattern. But... I have a sneaking suspicion that the sweater's going to be too small. A partial result of my body dysmorphia (this was also manifested itself this weekend while trying on bridesmaid dresses and saying that a certain size would be "way too big" - don't ever say that - but I digress) and primarily my utter inability to maintain gauge. I swatched. I really did, but somehow once I started knitting, my knitting got even tighter. I'm not sure if a wash and block will help or not, so I'll go ahead and finish it and then see where I am. It will not, however, be ripped. I don't have the heart.

I was at my parent's the last two weekends. Last weekend was my cousin's birthday, so I made cupcake pops.

Julia's Birthday Cake Pops 02

I used an alphabet candy mold to make the letters and stuck them into the tops of the cupcakes before the candy melts dried.

This week will be filled with some fairly random posts as I get caught up, and hopefully finish that sweater.

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Anonymous said...

Back at last ... I've missed you. Love, Mom

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