Monday, April 27, 2009

The familiar.

I lost my knitting mojo a few weeks back. I was in the middle of another version of the old familiar February Baby Sweater when my hands started aching. I think it was over use (both at home and work) coupled with inadvertently going down a needle size on the project. At any rate, I put the knitting aside, and haven't looked at it since.

But then last week, Knitty released their Spring Surprises, and I saw Radiate. Despite the absolutely horrible pictures of the finished sweater (who photographs a light colored, sheer-ish sweater over black and white stripes), I could tell that it was a keeper. I tried my best to find yarn in my craft room, but didn't have enough yardage of anything. So I went Crazy Girl in Coralville, and picked up Cascade Sierra in a nice bright pink. They had the yarn that's called for, Knit One Crochet Too Italian Ice, but I really wasn't a fan, and the cost would have been about double.(Little did I know, Liz is knitting the same sweater in a very similar hue - great minds and all...)

Cascade Sierra

I started yesterday afternoon, and dreamed of it all day today at work. The yarn is a breeze to knit, and the pattern is just interesting enough to keep my attention.

Radiate - in progress

I'm hoping that if I can stick with it I'll have a nice light cardigan to wear this spring and summer. Of course, the number of garments that I've actually knit for myself and subsequently worn on a regular basis continues to sit at a big fat zero.

In short. I'm knitting again. And it feels good.

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Knittripps said...

I agree, the pictures in Knitty do not seem to do that pattern justice. I look forward to seeing it in a much bolder (and less airy) fabric.

amy said...

love the color! what a difference a light box makes. i made a knock off of your light box and i'm working on better photos of my knitting! light is the answer . . .

suzyknits said...

The color you chose is great, also thanks for the yarn substitution. Sometimes I can't justify spending alot on yarn for me. Probably why I don't make things for me. This pattern will change that.

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