Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cupcake Week: Hamburgers

This is yet another flickr inspired cupcake. It's utterly adorable. And really not at that complicated.

You need to bake 2 kinds of cupcakes, chocolate (the burger) and yellow (the bun). Bake your cupcakes. I baked the yellow cupcakes without liners in a well-greased muffin pan, and the chocolate in traditional cupcake liners.

Once the cupcakes have sufficiently cooled, you're ready to assemble.

Slice a yellow cupcake in half using a serrated knife (It may help to cool your cakes briefly in the freezer so they are easier to handle). Next, slice a chocolate cupcake to make the burgers. I went with thirds, but do what you think it is right.

Hamburger Cupcakes Step 1

Make your mustard/ cheese by tinting white frosting. When I started, I was intending to create "mustard," but instead it came out looking a lot like a Cheese Food Single.

Tinting Mustard

Put the yellow frosting in a cake decorating bag thing (that's the technical term).

Mustard or Cheese Frosting

Pipe the yellow frosting on the bottom "bun."

Hamburger Cupcakes Step 2

Top with the "burger." For the "ketchup," I used pre-tinted red cookie frosting made by my friend Betty Crocker. It's really hard to get a solid true red color, so it's worth it to buy it pre-made. It looks so much like ketchup, it kind of freaked me out.

Hamburger Cupcakes Step 3

I intended to use coconut tinted green as lettuce. Until I found this...

Edible Easter Grass Lettuce

It's "Edible" Easter Grass purchased at Wal-Mart (I hate Wal-Mart, and say that everytime I talk about it or forget and go there). I use the term "edible" loosely. It has no taste. None. Just a weird sugary texture. But it does make lovely lettuce. And "It's Grass-Tastic," whatever that means.

Hamburger Cupcakes Step 4

Place the top bun. For the sesame seeds, and you know that a bun needs sesame seeds, use a bit of water and a small paintbrush.

Sesame Seeds

And you've got Mini Slider Cupcakes.

Hamburger Cupcakes 02

It looks so much like a real hamburger it's freaky. From a distance they really trick the eye. I will definitely be making these again...

Hamburger Cupcakes 03

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Sara said...

Those look awesome. I would never guess it was a cupcake from far away.

AndreaLea said...

Cute! I saw the grass-tastic easter grass at JoAnns yesterday and was tempted to buy just to see what it tastes like. So, how does it taste?

Ruby Banshee said...

Incredible! I love how they are mostly cupcake instead of mostly fondant or something.

Debbie said...

You may actually have lost your mind a little bit (in a good, fun-loving way!). They are very cute!

Meg said...

you are SO awesome! these are amazing!

Annalisa said...

oh my goodness!! my daughter is having a camping party and i was looking at the cupcakes and i saw these when i showed my daughter she was like are those real?!

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