Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unfortunately Libby....

I saw this on Debbie's blog, and couldn't resist. And besides, its snowing and all I really want to do is complain about how it's snowing. You go to your favorite search engine and searchin "unfortunately, yourfirstname," and then see what comes ups. Because I like the absurd and the nonsensical, I found it funny (except where it was tragic).

  • Unfortunately Libby obstructed the investigation (and is now going to jail for it).
  • Unfortunately, Libby is leading her clone astray at the party...
  • Unfortunately, Libby's search for the truth is so full of coincidences, inconsistencies, and lucky breaks
  • Unfortunately, Libby fails to incorporate his substantial case-level insights into his more general explanatory and theoretical understanding
  • Unfortunately, Libby turned out to be a ghost.
  • Unfortunately Libby’s own domestic arrangements appear quite chaotic and she may be leaving us soon to gain her sanity back
  • Unfortunately, Libby hated being indoors.
  • Unfortunately, Libby is involved with a handsome, attentive and fit financier, who plans to run in a charity marathon.
  • Unfortunately, Libby, the filibuster has become a partisan tool, and I mean that in the most explicit way.
  • Unfortunately, Libby was in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Unfortunately, Libby will never see a trial.
  • Unfortunately, Libby will never see a day behind bars
  • Unfortunately, Libby loses things a lot.
  • Unfortunately Libby was no where in sight.

Obviously, there were quite a few Scooter Libby references.

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AndreaLea said...

Hilarious. I'm going to have to see what I bring up. :)

Allergy Mom said...

I just tried the "Unfortunately [insert your name here] Game" and your post is now the first result for those of us named Libby.

(And I always had kind of a guilty feeling whenever I was reading the news about ol' Scooter.)

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