Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cross Country Skiing

Rykert and I have been wanting to try cross country skiing for a while. There just hasn't been a good weekend with snow and reasonable temperatures. But this weekend we finally had our chance. The temperatures weren't just reasonable, but almost "balmy" for this time of year.

Step 1: Go to local sporting goods store and rent skis and boots from a young, but very friendly bicycle mechanic. Be amazed at the relatively low price.

Step 2: Print map from the Internet of ski trails at local park. Take off.

Step 3: Get lost. And realize that said map is so incredibly poorly designed it is useless. Pass a Golden Retriever Crossing.
Golden REtriever Crossing

Step 4: Find trail head.

Step 5: Get incredibly lucky when one of Rykert's friends, who is a more seasoned cross country skier, is arriving at the same time as us. Play dumb and hope that he will take pity on us. (He does, and points us toward an easier trail. )
Macbride XC Ski Trail

Step 6: Get skis on.
In the groove
Step 7: Fall down. (Repeat occasionally throughout.)(Note: Thankfully, there are no pictures of this.)

Step 8: Have a reasonably good time.

Rykert XC Skiing

Libby XC Skiing

Note to self: Self, you need to knit yourself a hat. Soon.

By this morning, I was a bit sore. But the ski rental was for the entire weekend, and the temperatures were still reasonable, so we headed back out. Nola got to join us this time, and she did pretty well. If she can become a little better at following along, then Rykert and Nola may have found a new winter activity. It's water skiing of sorts, right? The water is just in a different stage.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to watch the Puppy Bowl.

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Bridget said...

Any good wipeouts??!?!

AndreaLea said...

Cool! Where did your rent the skis?

Jeremy and I have been wanting to try this too. There are a number of trails we see by the Raptor Center that always seem to be busy. Don't know how difficult they are, of course.

Knittripps said...

Oh my! Were you sore the next day? I've been wanting to try it myself.

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