Friday, February 06, 2009

and... I'm back, sort of.

When I was in law school, I took Trusts and Estates. At one point during the class, the professor, who wore an earring and cowboy boots, passed out a consanguinity chart that explained distant familial relationships. You know, the second cousin, twice removed stuff. The goal was to assist in determining what far flung relative had claims to an estate should an individual die intestate. I thought it was interesting, but unfortunately (a) I did not commit it to memory and (b) I threw it away in a fit after one of the most difficult final exams ever.

All of that is to say, I don't know the name for the relation of the little girls who are receiving my most recent handknits. They are my first cousin's daughters. Months ago, my cousin asked me to knit hats for her two girls. I was happy to oblige, but let her know that it would likely be after Christmas since my Christmas knitting had become a bit too ambitious. She was ok with that. Unfortunately, other factors intervened and then I briefly lost my knitting mojo. But being reminded by my sister that a hat doesn't have much use after winter, I got myself into gear and started knitting.

A cupcake hat.
Katie's Hat
This is a heavily adapted pattern that I recharted to fit my gauge. The yarn is Plymouth Encore DK.

And an earflap hat (which may still get an additional embellishment).
Taylor's Hat
This is a modified version of Thorpe using Cascade 220 Superwash. Knit from the top down, I increased to 88 stitches. This may get some sort of adornment on the front before being handed over. I'm just not sure...

I really hope they fit. Not having them here to try them on, and knitting hats at a different gauge than the pattern states, gives me all sorts of worries about fit. But hopefully.... Otherwise, they will both be added to next fall's hat list.

I have one more small project to finish up, and then I'd like to knit myself a sweater. More on that soon.

P.S. My curiosity got the better of me... While I kind of despise, I did find the chart I was going on and on about above (or at least one that is similar). Find it here. Or take a look at Wikipedia. I think my cousin's daughters are my first cousins once removed. But we'll just call 'em all cousins. It's easier that way.

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Meg said...

love love love the cupcake hat - cupcakes are my favorite thing right now - my little one has the cutest shirt with a cupcake in the front that looks just like your hat!

Knittripps said...

Having done some work with trusts & estates in the past, I can say that they really can be very interesting. Nice knitting!

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