Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It was quite a weekend in the kitchen. And I'm not done.

Knowing that next weekend could be crazy, I decided to do some baking this weekend for my neighbors.

But first, on Saturday I spent the day at my sister's, and we made Bakerella-esque Christmas Cupcake Pops. I will probably make the reindeer again, but the Santa hats, while very cute were a pain to dip. We had helpers who did a pretty good job too - though some of the reindeer turned to mice with the pretzels turned around. Anna was extremely concerned when I used the food processor to destroy the cake her mom had baked. She kept saying, "Um, Libby, did my mom tell you to do that?"

Christmas Cupcake Pops 02

We took them to a party on Saturday night but there were extras. We wrapped each in a cellophane treat bag tied with a ribbon, which definitely increased portability.

Christmas Cupcake Pops 01

And then on Sunday, I woke up fairly early. I hit the mall, Target, Super Wal-Mart, and the grocery store and was home by noon. I beat the crowd at the mall but not at the grocery store. Though I did manage to grab something quick for dinner, most of my purchases were related to the goods for Christmas baking extravaganza.

Baking Goods

Note, I didn't use everything for Sundays bake-fest, some will be used for more baking later in the week.

So what was on the list? Goodies that were fast and easy.

The ubiquitous pretzel thingies. With Hugs and M&Ms and Caramel Kisses and Pecans.

Peanut Butter Cup Tarts.

Chocolate Caramel Tarts. (Same concept as above but with chocolate dough and Rolos)

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies.

And, of course, Mice.

They were packaged up and sent to the neighbors.
Christmas Goodies 02
But some went to work with Rykert and I. Oh, and if you want to impress people without that much effort make the mice. Your co-workers will be impressed.

There's still more stuff I want to make: Chex Mix, Toffee (what would Christmas be without toffee?), sugar cookie pretzels from Cook's Illustrated, and probably more Cupcake Pops next weekend.

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Abby Willard said...

You're making me look really, really bad. The extent of my work so far this Christmas is opening the package of Candy Cane Oreos I found at WalMart. My heart just isn't in it anymore. Maybe I'll go nuts and get some Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes.

Bridget said...

I have an idea, make some toffee and bring it to my house. Thanks.

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