Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I need YOU!

In my last post, I said that there was baby knitting to do. One of said babies was born last weekend.

Last week, I trolled Ravelry looking for baby knitting inspiration. I came across the Latte Sweater (Ravelry Link). One problem, the blog and pattern are in a language I don't speak - maybe Danish. Even a Google page translation couldn't help.

So I set out to duplicate the results. Using a basic bottom-up recipe, I set to work. I carried the stripes up the side in order to save my sanity.
Stripe Sweater 01

It's cute, but far from perfect (and still in need of a few ends woven in and a wash and block). I will knit this again, but from top down. I'll maybe even write up the pattern as I go along. The problem with this is the finishing. I got a little sloppy attaching the arms and kitchener-ing the underarms.

But here's where I need your help... which buttons should I use?

Option #1 Gold Stars
Stripe Sweater - Gold Star Buttons

Option #2 Puppies
Stripe Sweater - Puppy Buttons

Option #3 Plain Green
Stripe Sweater - Green Buttons

Option #4 Wooden Stars
Stripe Sweater - Wooden Star Buttons

Option #5 Blue Bears
Stripe Sweater - Blue Bear Buttons

Option #6 Wooden Bears
Stripe Sweater - Wooden Bear Buttons


I think I'll make a hat to match. Of course, I have no faith that this will fit a baby, because I am really really bad at determining how big a baby is and will be.

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AndreaLea said...

I always struggle with button selections. I do like the gold stars and the green ones about equally.

I love that sweater on Rav but didn't realize it was in a different language. Bummer.

amy said...

Such a cute sweater - I like the yellow stars but they can be hard to actually button. Is there button holes or are they decorative?

Please let us know what yarn you used.

Wool Winder said...

I voted for the puppies. My second choice would be the wooden bears.

Ruby Banshee said...

So cute! I love the colors.

Rykert said...

Puppies '08. You gotta love the big RNC ad on your survey results page

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