Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have no shame; vol. I

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I mentioned in a previous post about my love affair with all things Wonder Woman. Though, I have no plans of donning the Wonder Woman costume this year for Halloween, I do have photographic evidence of the early days of my obsession.

I'm 3-ish. I'm feeding our three-legged dog, Puppy, Cracker Jacks and wearing an early favorite ensemble. Oh, Wonder Woman Underoos, how I love you?

And in these times of economic turmoil, I can think of no better use for $250 then to purchase some vintage (new in the package) Wonder Woman Underoos. A sound investment. Mine probably came from JC Penny. (True confession, I just bid on a different unopened package. I was quickly outbid, and am now staying away because I have been known to get carried away on ebay.)

Note: My post about Halloween "not being a big deal" when I was a kid apparently insulted my parents who proceeded to dig through old photos to find evidence that we celebrated Halloween growing up. My mom, the self-professed "Halloween hater", apparently took exception to my characterization of Halloweens past. And hilarity ensued.

More gems like this to come.

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Anonymous said...

I am still chuckling! I remember those - actually, we all had a pair! I think it was the Easter Bunny that brought some one year. I remember that Emmy and I (and I am sure you, too) didn't understand that the Under Roos went UNDER your clothes, and we spent the day stripping off our clothes faster than our moms could put them back on us.

Who was that behind the Snoopy mask? Ah, and Emmy's dabbling in all things magic! LOVE the moustache! Keep posting more photos - what a trip!


Anonymous said...

I can attest to the Wonder Woman fascination - hmmm...just thinking about her cousin's baptism. Anyhoo, we did do Halloween in sort of a lame 70's way, and what was available then were the wonderful plastic masks, etc. It is pretty funny to look back on, and indeed we have had lots of fun with it. Libby is a true jewel!!!
Signed, the Halloween Hater

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