Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween's Past v 5.0

Now, we move into the more modern era. 2005 was a banner year for costumes in our household. One year into our marriage it became apparent that I had married someone who shared my "go big or stay home" attitude about Halloween. Rykert was finishing nursing school at the time. This was the first year we really dressed up for Halloween since college.

rykert and Libby Halloween 2

As for my costume, well, it found me. I was walking through a local thrift store when this was literally waiting for me on an end cap. Now, at $10 it was a bit steep for a thrifting budget, but how could I pass it up. It's authentic -circa 1980 maybe and it "fit." And by "fit" I mean I squeezed into it, barely. I then knit the matching beret, and made the sash and merit badges.

Girl Scout Sash 2

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MamaLizKnits said...

I should have been chiming in all week because I've been enthusiastically following your posts and laughing out loud. I loved the photos of you as a kid... brought back my own memories for sure! You and Rykert definitely know how to do Halloween up right. I love it!

kim said...

Ha, that sash is brilliant! Love the "no wire hangers."

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