Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween (near) Future

I finished the Peach costumes. If I was to sew these again, and I have no intention of doing so, there are lots of things that I would do different. I started with miles of Peach colored cotton/poly broadcloth, a Simplicity costume pattern for a completely different looking dress, and a vision.

Peach Uniforms Finished

I used iron-on transfers on felt for the patches, the buttons are non-functioning, and the zippers are poorly inserted. But I think the "look" is right.

Peach Uniforms Finishe d02

My sister made the hats. I made red sliding shorts out of red costume satin and a really basic boxer short pattern. The belts are real baseball belts. And I'm still looking for some inexpensive shoes. Oh, Miraculously, they all fit. It's a Halloween miracle!

Peach Uniforms Finished 01

The backs have numbers made from red felt and hand sewn on.

Photos of the costumes in action after Friday night's party.

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LovelyLau said...

I love your work. Did you use a pattern? I'm very interested in making my own peach costume. Suggestions?

Libby said...

@LovelyLau: I'm not an experienced seamstress. But to start, I used a really basic Simplicity costume pattern. It was for a basic shirt dress. I then modified it to be double breasted. I made muslins before making the final costumes. Basically, you just want to find a pattern with the right shape and you can alter it from there. The "patches" are printed on iron-on transfer paper and then ironed onto felt and then sewn on to the costumes. The sliding shorts were made using a men's boxer shorts pattern.

Asencio Health and Wellness said...

Hello are you selling the costumes?

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