Friday, July 25, 2008

Six Hats.

When it comes to knitting, I have very little self-discipline. I allow myself to be tempted by a new project, and thus have a large storage bind full of works in progress, some nearly completed.

So with two balls of Berroco Comfort, I set out on an experiment to use all of the yarn. Here are the results:
black and gold hats

6 baby hats in varying sizes (multiples of 8: 48-52-64-72), all in Hawkeye colors. The black hats are still in need of an "I", but I picked out a non-coordinating color of gold fleece, so that will have to wait. Some will go to The Preemie Project. Some will be put aside for the baby boom that appears to be going on all around me.

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Debbie said...

They're very cute.

Jennifer said...

Oh - these are so adorable.

Knittripps said...

I love them. Go Hawks!

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