Monday, July 28, 2008


Knittripps asked in the comments how I made the labels from my last post. So here is my ridiculously incomplete tutorial.

I used full sheets of labels. The colored labels were purchased from this website (one of the only places I found where I didn't have to purchase 100s of labels at a time). But any office supply store would have the white version of these. Alternatively, you can also use 2" round labels (for regular mouth jars). I chose to go the route of the full sheet labels for formatting reasons. The 2" round Avery labels have an applicable template that can be use with Word or other wordprocessing software. However, I wasn't able to manipulate the text the way I wanted using a word processor. Instead, I used Printing Press (software acquired and used to create stuff for my wedding a few years ago) to create the text.

So once you have your text manipulated, you are ready to print. Because I didn't use a template, I printed a test run on regular paper to make sure the text isn't too wide. If you are using full sheets, you'll need something to cut out the labels. Scrapbookers will likely have a couple of different options. I use these round punches.

Punch your labels.

Stick them on your canning jars. I am partial to putting the label on the top. In the past, I've stuck labels on the actual jars, and it has proven to be nearly impossible to remove the remnants - even with Goo Gone.
bread and butter pickles

raspberry jalapeno jelly

If I was thinking ahead, I'd designate which of these would be used as Christmas gifts, and create gift labels as well.

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Maria said...

Cute! Any tips for the actual canning portion? Seeing your blog has made me very interested in trying it myself! What kind of equipment do you need?

Knittripps said...

Thank you so much for the label tutorial! I am super motivated to make labels now that I've seen how cute yours are. I've had the same problem in the past with sticking labels on the actual jar. This year I was writing in marker on the lids but labels are much more attractive. Round 1 of canning tomatoes is tomorrow night...

Emily said...

Those are cute. You should make some for dad for his salsa

Christina Joy said...

This is my first time to your site. Love the canning labels! Inspires me to make something in large quantities just so I can label it all! Great site- I'll be back to visit!

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