Monday, June 16, 2008

Flood Updates.

We spent Friday afternoon and Saturday helping with the sandbagging efforts. It was a very gratifying experience and did help to restore my faith in humanity (not to be too cliche here). Anyway, it was just amazing to see all of these people of varied backgrounds, ethnicities, occupation, and economic status come together and with little to no direction get to work to make things happen. The efforts proved to at some points be no match for mother nature, but in other places the efforts were successful and resulted in over-preparedness to a certain extent.

With the sandbagging efforts suspended on Sunday, Rykert and I decided to take a brief bike ride to our old neighborhood to quickly pass through and snap a few photos. I know that it's not a great idea, but there was honestly little else to do at that point but sit and watch and wait for the water to recede so the next volunteer activities (clean-up)can begin (it's going to be awhile unfortunately).

Here's a recap of our short tour:

5th Street in Coralville -05
This is looking down 5th Street in Coralville at about 4th Avenue. The Iowa River Power Company restaurant is at the end of the street on 1st Avenue.

At the corner of 2nd Street and 6th Avenue:
6th Ave and 2nd St Coralville -05
The water is particularly deep here as this is at a relatively low elevation and this often floods even during short periods rain. Still, the devastation is significant.

At this same spot a car and an apartment:
6th Ave and 2nd St Coralville -04

6th Ave and 2nd St Coralville -08

These are pictures looking down the Coralville Strip:
The Coralville Strip 06  06-15-08

The Coralville Strip 07  06-15-08

I also took some pictures of the Coralville Marriott area and 1st Avenue in Coralville. Click here to see the whole set on flickr.

We can't make it down to the University area both because of road closures, and also because it is a more congested area that we want to stay away from. But you should definitely check out this flickr set put together by the UI News Service.

The transportation issues are still a potential problem with many roads closed, but it could be much worse. I made it into work today easily, but there are lots of my colleagues who live in the Cedar Rapids area who won't make it in this week. Still there is potentially light at the end of the tunnel with the river cresting. Unfortunately, the Iowa River will take some time to drain. I believe in 1993 it took weeks if not months.

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Sarah said...

WOW. Thanks for posting these photos. We were wondering if the water was near our old apartment in Coralville. I guess these answer that question! Wish I could be there to help, but I know they don't need one more person from out of town hanging around.

Chelsea said...

It does look like we life in the area you used to. I live on 6th St near 1st Ave, so our street is the detour around the flooding on those two streets. It's actually rather annoying.

We were out of town on Saturday and planned to sandbag on Sunday, but I was a bit disappointed that they suspended it which is silly since it's a good thing.

Vadim said...

Everyone in Iowa thanks you for your relief efforts. Your work sounds extraordinary!

In Chicago we're trying to organize a campaign to help at least one Cedar Rapids family recover from the damages.

We only need $310 more to help them rebuild their house, so please if anyone has $5 or $10 and a few seconds take a look at the campaign. They and others like them need all the help they can get.

Thank you and good luck to everyone in Iowa!

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