Monday, June 02, 2008

Actual Real Knitting. For real.

It has come to my attention that there has been a significant lack of knitting content on this here blog. So here's the thing, I've been busy lately. Work has been insane and after the interminable winter, I've been trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I've been knitting - in fits and starts. I started a Hemlock Ring Blanket (ravelry link), but quickly tossed it aside about halfway through when Nola ate my row counter and now I'm not sure where I am in the pattern and I haven't had the patience to figure it out. I also knit a shawl for my grandma, but after finishing it decided that I hated the yarn and wanted to fine tune the pattern, so it sits finished but unblocked in the bottom of a bag somewhere. There have also been a few baby hats, but nothing you haven't already seen so I haven't even bothered with pictures - yet.

But a month or two ago, while browsing Ravelry, I came across Pleat by Norah Gaughan for Berroco (ravelry link). I was immediately drawn to this pattern. Hoping for success, I decided that I would use the suggested yarn because of the importance of drape in this particular garment and my lack of skill in picking appropriate alternatives. I started browsing online, but decided to instead try to find the pattern and yarn at a local yarn shop that is pretty close to my work. So on my lunch hour a month or two ago, I headed in and picked up the pattern. She didn't carry the particular yarn, so I went ahead and had her order it since it would take as long as ordering online and I like to support local businesses when I can. The yarn was, of course, backordered so it took longer than normal - not the shop's fault. I waited and waited and finally two weeks ago it came in. I immediately cast on, and really breezed through most of it and then stalled out. But last weekend, I finished the back. I'm so proud of myself. I considered converting this to knitting in the round to the armholes, but decided, instead, to follow the instructions to. the. letter. hoping that it will bring success.


Stating the obvious, the tank has a racerback. The yarn is Berroco Linen Jeans (color Maritime). It's a tape yarn, which I usually hate. And while it does split occasionally, I'm otherwise really enjoying using it. The finished fabric is perfect.

I'm already getting scared at the impending finishing. I really want this to turn out as close to perfect as possible, and my finishing skills are lacking. And let's not mention the fact that the whole thing gets a crocheted edging (which I didn't read about until today) and I have no crochet skills. None.

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Debbie said...

It's very cute, and I love the color. I'm sure you'll catch on to the crochet, it's very easy. And it looks like a really comfortable top.

Knittripps said...

Being a non-crocheter myself, a single crochet edge border scares me. I know it is a skill I'll have to learn sooner or later!

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