Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little Cupcakes (again)

First, a big thanks to Bakerella for linking to my first foray into cupcake pops. Bakerella, being the creative one that she is recently posted a new way to make cupcake bites using a mold.

Cupcake Bites 03

I made them last week in anticipation of my grandma's (who was a fan of the first batches of these) birthday last weekend. The mold worked really slick. It definitely saved time in not having to form the balls into cupcakes but it was little more difficult to dip the tops, so I'm calling it a draw on difficulty. But I think they are cuter, even if they are a little messier to eat.

Cupcake Bites 07
Note the imperfection.

I made one with a candle holder in anticipation of the off-tune singing that comes with a family birthday.
CUpcake Bites 08

Granny approved.
Granny's Birthday-02

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Knittripps said...

Very cute little cupcakes! I hope your grandma had a wonderful birthday.

Snooky doodle said...

these are so cute. You made them perfect

Lynds said...

Those are darling. My favorite is the one with the candle, can't get much sweeter than that.

I just found your site through bakerella's. I lived in Iowa until two weeks ago, and knit as well. Good to see another Iowan in the blog world. :)

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