Friday, May 16, 2008

Full Moon.

Gnome and Peas

Because we're classy, that's why.

My nieces thoroughly enjoyed his presence in the garden last night, and were torn between naming him Coinslot or Mooney.

The majority of the garden will be going in this weekend, so pictures to follow. Oh, and I have a new knitting project that I'm excited about. Oh, and I have been doing some home improvement sewing.

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Debbie said...

Oh, so you're that kind of gardener. Very nice.

Libby said...

I had to gently let Rykert in on the secret that I am a big fan of tastefully placed tacky lawn ornaments. Luckily, we agreed completely on this one. Though he thinks it belongs in the front yard and I think it is better left in the back.

Knittripps said...

Yeah, my husband is a big fan of gnomes. I didn't used to care for them much at all but after living with them a few years now I really like the little guys. Now we have 4 I think. I'm not sure though...their numbers keep growing.

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