Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Everything I need to know, I learned from blogs.

So, I was totally prepared to post about the next steps in building our garden, a task to which Rykert has been continually asking, "Did you think it would be this labor intensive?" But then inspiration struck.

I read a lot of blogs. Lots. Those listed in the sidebar don't even touch it. There are some that are bookmarked but never made it into Bloglines, and then there are the countless blogs I read as I link my way through the blog-o-sphere. One blog not listed which I read, lurk, and salivate, is Bakerella. Go there. Anyway, last week she posted that she would be on Martha Stewart making her adorable cupcake pops. Well, I can't watch Martha due to that pesky job, and I barely have cable let along Tivo or a DVR. But luckily, Martha's peeps posted the recipe online. Watch the video here.

My niece's birthday is next week, and I really want to make them. However, these look a little tricky, so a practice run was required. So last night I made them. Let's be honest I was going for technique so I used a cake mix and a can of frosting. I have no doubt that the cake recipe provided would have been far tastier, but I was going for form this round.

They aren't perfect, but I think they turned out cute.

cupcake pops 03

cupcake pops

I definitely got better as I went on. Let's not mention the fact that my kitchen is still covered in almond bark, candy coating, and sprinkles. Clean-up can wait until tonight. My co-workers will be the recipient of my test run, not wanting to tempt myself with 50 of these sitting around. But I did leave Rykert a stash.

I will be making these again. Maybe next time I'll use Red Velvet cake.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, those certainly do look yummy! I might have to bookmark this for the next time I need to bring dessert somewhere.

Knittripps said...

They are super cute!

AndreaLea said...

Ahhh!! Those are the cutest things ever!

Julia said...

I made these too and my kitchen is still recovering. So messy! Yours came out so perfect! I got a little carried away with all the colors and the sprinkles...

Awesome job! :-)

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