Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Actual Knitting

In February/ March, I started 2 large knitting projects. Each has stalled due to my lack of commitment. However, a few summer knits have caught my attention recently and my knitting mojo seems to be returning. If a project stalls, my attitude is to let it stall, because knitting is supposed to be fun.

Now, who would have thought that I would be interested in knitting anything that is meant to be worn in the summer months. But each of these patterns is interesting, and I would see myself wearing each to work, and my office is extremely cool in the summer.

First, is Pleat (Ravelry Link) from Norah Gaughan Volume 2 for Berroco (Ravelry Link). I love this. I'm not really sure why. I was feeling down so I drove myself to the local yarn store (The Knitting Shoppe, in this instance) over lunch one day last week and picked up the book and ordered the yarn. I'm planning on using the recommended yarn, because I often fail miserably in yarn substitutions when it comes to drape, and in this instance, I feel that drape is very important.

But, while I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive (despite feeling good about supporting a local business, my Veruca Salt-esque instant gratification tendencies are annoyed), I cast on for another pattern from the same book, Currer (Ravelry Link). Instead of the recommended yarn, I'm using Cotton Ease, which I believe will be an appropriate sub. I purchased Cotton Ease in Charcoal at Iowa City/ Coralville's recently opened Michael's. Having another craft store will be nice, and this one is just an easy walk/ bike ride from my house. However, they did not have the newest colors of Cotton Ease that have just been released. I would have liked to see the new Azalea color in person.

Immediately after deciding to knit both Pleat and Currer, Kate Gilbert released her newest design Camelia (Ravelry Link). I love it. I'm hoping, if I don't lose my mojo, to start this one soon too. I'm thinking I will use Knit Picks Shine Sport, because I've spent my short term yarn budget on the yarn for Pleat. Though, the cotton/ bamboo suggested yarn may pull me in. So, if I can finish the other two, then I'll consider switching yarns.

There's also a baby boom going on around me at work, which will necessitate some knitting.

Next post... the garden beds are in. And crooked. My muscles are still recovering from two days of manual labor spent lifting boards, kneeling on concrete, carrying insanely heavy boxes, and shoveling mounds of wet earth to level the beds. It wasn't pretty and our standards were lowered as each part was completed. Next up, dog proofing and filling.

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Debbie said...

They're all fabulous and will look wonderful on you! I'm crossing my fingers on you keeping the knitting mojo going, it looks pretty ambitious to me (but then I'm slow and easily distracted).

Knittripps said...

So many great knits! I really like the Currer pattern. Maybe is her the model's glasses that I like???

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