Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Arrives.

So, spring officially arrived yesterday, and we couldn't be happier to see her. Despite the fact that there is a possibility of snow in the forecast (though likely north of us) today. We take our victories where we can, and today's victory is the calendar which says it is officially spring.

Lest you think that I haven't been doing any crafting, I have something to show you. Back a few months ago (more than I would like to admit), I took on a project to paint a child's rocking chair and a toy bin. Unfortunately, I took on the project when I suddenly had lots to do and they sat patiently by. Finally, inspiration struck, and the chair is completed.

Chair 03

Chair 02

Chair 01

For the most part, I am very pleased with how it turned out though it still needs a couple coats of a sealer. I think it's perfect for spring. The toy box has a plan, a completely different theme, and with any luck should be done in the next week.

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Knittripps said...


AndreaLea said...

I love it! I especially love the flowers on the legs.

Nancy said...

How delightful. It makes me wish that I was a child again.

Debbie said...

If the calendar didn't say it was spring, that chair certainly would! You did a great job on it.

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