Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I need spring!

I'm not going to lie, I hate winter. And this has been, by far, the worst winter that I can remember. Certainly the worst since Rykert and I moved back here 6+ years ago. It has literally been one storm after another interspersed with a bit of sux-zero temperatures to keep things interesting.

Sunday I drove back from my parent's with my nieces. The trip started with some light snow and then quickly turned incredibly bad. The roads were wet but safe and then suddenly traffic was barely moving, I couldn't tell which lane I was in, and there were major accidents all around. I was quite freaked out and wishing that I hadn't taken off to begin with. We made it back to Iowa City safely, and then quickly got stalled on a hill near my house.

Now, I'm sitting home, working from home as the wind howls and the snow continues to fall. The Super-Pinpoint-Mega-Exact-Cool-Doppler Radar seems to indicate that it won't be quitting anytime soon.

The roads are now impassable, and Travel is Not Advised (see the red below):

We've already shoveled about 10" (plus drifts) out of our driveway and sidewalks. Looks like we'll be doing another round of shoveling this afternoon. Is it spring yet? This is getting ridiculous.

ETA: They've now cancelled classes at the University. That's pretty unprecedented.

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Chelsea said...

I just got the email about classes being canceled. Twice in one year!

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Aren't winters in Iowa just a blast?? I've shovled the driveway twice already. I'm still not done either. But I figure why shovel between the cars and by the garage when it is just going to drift back up again. *sigh* I am so ready for this storm to be over with. I haven't left the house since Sunday night and I'm getting stir crazy. lol

Knittripps said...

It does seem like this winter has been worse than in years past. I am ready for spring!

Debbie said...

Yes, enough already! Even though classes were canceled, my office is open. But I can't get there until my landlord plows my parking lot. Even the buses aren't running in this part of town.

Spring sounds like a wonderful concept.

Anonymous said...

In the four (plus) years I was at the University of Iowa, the one and only time they cancelled classes was when Gang Lu went on his shooting rampage and murdered all those people. I didn't think they would ever cancel it for weather's sake!

Keep warm! Remember, you will always have a place to stay in Georgia if you need a break from snow! Love, Abby

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