Monday, February 25, 2008

Healthy Competition

For those of you keeping score at home, I won a landslide victory in the Oscar pick round. It wasn't even close. Rykert is a pretty good sport about this particularly since I have beat him every year that we have played - save one tie last year. While we both read The New York Times daily, he doesn't generally read the Arts section which gives me a limited edge. In addition, Rykert generally picks some wild cards thinking that there will be shockers, which there generally aren't. In addition, Rykert puts himself at a disadvantage by his loyalties to all things Tolkien. In other words, Rykert will always pick those who were even marginally involved with the Lord of the Rings. His inner LOTR geek cannot be silenced. Which explains why he chose Viggo Mortenson for Best Actor, even though we had a lengthy coversation about how Daniel Day Lewis was a lock. I was so happy to see Diablo Cody, a University of Iowa alum, win for best original screenplay. Juno was definitely one of the most unique screenplays that has been produced in a long time, and it was justly awarded. Next up, March Madness.

Now, my victories are not entirely random nor are they the result of pure luck. Now that I know that the March Madness picks are just a few weeks away, I'll start doing a little background reading. My research will not, howveer, involve watching Sportcenter (unless it happens to be on at the gym, which it usually is). Nor will I subject myself to watching any actual basketball games (I blame a misspent sophomore year of high school as a cheerleader for my utter distaste for all things basketball). Instead, I'll read a couple blogs and the weak NYT sport's page. I have a system that is related to team colors, seeding, mascots, and a rejection of any mainstream media hype. It's never failed me - yet.

What's the prize for these little contests? Bragging rights. We don't need anything else. Oh, and those that know me know that I do not like to lose. It's why my family doesn't like me to play board games, and Rykert won't play unless he's on my team. I take all competition seriously.

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Rykert said...

just b/c I saw each of the three LOTR fims in the theatres three times, and purchased the extended editions of all three, and watched the 2-hour+ 'making of' footage that accompanied each extended edition, and read the books twice, does not mean I'm a geek.

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