Friday, February 22, 2008

Classic TV

The writer's strike made winter television dismal*. I mean, how many episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Rehab can you possibly watch? The answer 0. So our evenings have been spent watching little tv. And when we did it was Rykert's favorite, Mythbusters, or my favorite, Project Runway, and the show I watch but feel guilty about, Intervention. And there were a few Law & Order re-runs thrown in here and there (I never remember how it ends until about 30 minutes into an episode). But it's been a snowy, cold winter and we needed something to keep us occupied.

When we saw Juno, there was something about seeing Jason Bateman and Michael Cera in the same film that felt so utterly familiar. And then it donned on me that they played father and son on Arrested Development. Which reminded me how much I really liked that show. Which reminded me that I probably never saw the whole series. I've never really understood the whole tv shows on DVD craze (I mean I just don't see the draw in watching the entire Little House on the Prairie series, again when you can usually catch a rerun). But I decided that we needed to watch Arrested Development. So this is how we've been spending our evenings when Rykert isn't at work. We've made it through the first season and are about 1/3 of the way through the second. In retrospect, I do not merely enjoy this show, I love this show. It's creative and quirky and is probably the most unique thing that's been on tv in a long time. As a second view, it's funnier than I remembered. The play on words and the absurdity are fabulous. Rykert missed most of these the first time through, but he's very much appreciating this little pop culture lesson.

It doesn't hurt that I've been a Jason Bateman fan since his days on Hogan's Family (I'm not holding my breath waiting for that one to come out on DVD). And his rendition of Eternal Flame in The Sweetest Thing (and otherwise forgettable movie) was priceless. All this tv watching has led to some knitting. I'm working on a couple larger scale projects, and haven't taken any in progress pictures.

*However, I do contend that the new episodes of the The Daily Show that aired during the Strike really didn't suffer.

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Chelsea said...

Half of our DVD collection is TV shows. Right now we are re-watching NCIS. I think Arrested Development may have to be next!

Debbie said...

I agree, Arrested Development just gets better on subsequent viewings. One of the cable stations recently showed the first season again, hopefully the other seasons are up next. (But my kid does have it on DVD.)

And I, too, guiltily watch Intervention. It's kind of like passing an accident on the highway, you just can't help but look.

kim said...

For me, Intervention and To Catch a Predator both have that same, "guilty pleasure," thing going for them. I haven't gotten into Arrested Development, but one of these days I'm going to have to Netflix it, because I think I would like it.

Rykert said...

You forgot to mention that during the hell on earth that has been this year's version of Iowa in winter, good TV is essential, because there isn't a single damn thing you can do outdoors in -25 degree wind chill. You also forgot to give me props for giving you season#1 as a V-day gift.

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