Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We have been pretty lucky when it comes to the behavior of our puppy. While she has gotten into a little mischief here and there (eating a few loaves of bread from the kitchen counter, cat poo, etc), she has generally been an amazingly well behaved dog. I'm sort of impressed at how quickly she picked up the basics - particularly housetraining (no accidents since about 10 weeks old (knock on wood)). Yes, she still jumps up on strangers in greeting (particularly when over excited at the dog park).

That being said, you see this cute, seemingly innocent 8 month old puppy...

Nola 012608

Well, she's the devil when it comes to yarn. Seriously. I think she knows how much it means to me or something, because if a ball of yarn or a knitting project in progress is left on a table or the couch and she is provided with the opportunity, then she will make a mess.

A week or two ago I left Rykert and Nola in the basement while I went upstairs. Rykert knew he was on dog duty, but proceeded to fall asleep (blaming something like working the night shift). He came upstairs with the bad news, and here is the carnage we found spread across the entire basement...

One ball Berocco Comfort
Tangled Yarn 2
One ball Cotton Ease and a baby sweater in progress.
Tangled Yarn 1

I was, and remain, unamused. While there is plenty of blame to go around, Rykert and I quickly blamed eachother (I shouldn't have put my stuff away; he should have been watching the dog.) If you could have seen the area that this mess covered, then you would understand how I am confused as to how Rykert could have slept through the whole thing. Nola, on the other hand, is not losing any sleep over her misdeed.

Sleeping Nola

I'm still working out almost everyday. Mostly walking/ running, weights, and swimming. Mostly swimming, because walking on a treadmill (even with a tv) is painful.

I'm still packing the lunch everyday, and am making an effort to be less unimaginative and bland in my choices.

I'm knitting. I have 2 baby hats done, nothing that the blog hasn't seen before, and hope to finish a few more before The Preemie Project's Craft-a-thon next Friday.

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Debbie said...

Ah, they look so innocent, don't they? My dog and cat used to tag team with the yarn -- I've found yarn wound around every furniture leg in my living and dining room. I had to be sure to put my yarn in a container that they could not unsnap or rip open -- zippered totes for the most part. Fortunately they seem to have mostly outgrown it, though the cat does still steal small balls of yarn and anything in a plastic bag. So there is hope. Goldens generally settle down when they're, oh, 2 or 3 years old. Usually.

Good thing they're so lovable.

Knittripps said...

What a little stinker! Shiloh leave my yarn alone for the most part, although he has been know to lay down on top of it or sit on it if the ball I am working from is on the floor beneath me. I can't leave anything unattended though because of my cats.

Rykert said...

I leave my ski equipment on a high shelf for a reason

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