Monday, January 07, 2008


Every year for the past 5 or so, I've made the same resolutions: lose a few, get into better shape, eat vegetables, stop biting my nails, etc. I'm generally speaking, despite my successes in other areas of my life, a failure. This year, I'm going to attempt to be a little more general in my resolutions/ goals with the hopes of starting some new routines and new habits that will actually stick...

  1. Get into better shape, generally speaking. A year and a half ago I tried the Couch to 5K program. I was really trucking along and making progress (for me), but then I got a stress fracture that never really healed and I've been scared to try again. About a year ago, I decided to track all of my eating habits and exercise, in hopes of making myself accountable, on the website The Daily Plate. I saw some success and made some changes that stuck. But the incessant recording of everything and counting of calories, etc. was really just insane and became what bordered on an unhealthy obsession. And then when the weather warmed up, I gave up the gym. So, I've resolved to go back. This year my plan is to go every morning before work. It really only means waking up about a half hour earlier than I was. I'm finding (as others know) the motivation to be the biggest issue - and my fear of showering in public. If I shoot for every morning, I will be very happy with at least 3 days and more walking of the dog in the evenings when the weather permits. The goal is to be in decent enough shape to run a 5K in the next 12 months (if my screwed up foot bones allow this time), and to be swimsuit ready by ski season. I've got two mornings under my belt. We'll see how motivated I can stay. For the next week or so I'm just focusing on getting myself to the gym (which is next door to where I work, by the way). Once I establish the routine of just being there, then I'll focus more attention on the actual workouts.

  2. Purge. This has nothing to do with eating. I have too much stuff, particularly knitting and crafting related. I want to really get rid of some stuff, and finish some languishing projects. This is probably the most do-able on the list. Expect to see some crafting and knitting goods for sale and give away on here in the coming months. The goal will be to reduce the unused stuff that we have and find it good homes.

  3. Housekeeping. I am the world's worst at keeping my home clean. It's clutter more than dirt (though there is probably plenty of the latter as well). Since moving, we've been much better at this and have managed to keep things tidier than they were at our apartment. We started the new year with a very tidy and clean kitchen, and are working hard to keep it that way. My craft room is another story and it could definitely use some attention. I resolve to do a little everyday so as to not have to waste an entire Saturday cleaning. The goal is to establish a new habit where things remain somewhat tidy and we both pick up after ourselves.

  4. The Garden. Last year, I started gardening at full speed but then lost some momentum toward the middle. In the next few months I want to get a plan in place. We plan on building a raised bed for vegetables this year, and I'm thinking of following the Square Foot Gardening Plan. The back of our yard has poor drainag, and the flower beds we used last year, while effective, proved to be messy. I'd like to put some roses in those. My goal once gardening season is upon us is to work at it a little every day so as not to be overwhelmed by the weeds and the staking. This is also true of canning. I resolve to have little to no waste this year. Anything not consumed will be preserved or given away. It's kind of sad the incredible number of tomatoes that we let go to waste last year. I can't wait to start perusing the seed catalogs and making plans. Rykert and I will build the beds as soon as the weather allows in the spring, and possibly start our plants from seed inside. On our list of must garden: tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno pepper (for all those jellies), and banana peppers (to pickle). Zucchini and Cucumbers are also on the list, if space allows. My herbs were a total failure last year in their respective pots. I'd like to plant some cilantro and basil (at a minimum), but don't want it taking over. I think I now officially have spring fever (the desire for spring to arrive) thanks to all this garden talk and the recent warmer temperatures.
  5. Do some good. I live a pretty comfortable life. I'd like to give back more this year. The crafting charity work such as The Preemie Project and knitting warm hats for the local shelter will be stepped up. I'm hoping to find some additional outlets as well.

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Knittripps said...

Something else we have in common? Every year "stop biting my nails" makes my list.

Debbie said...

Great set of goals!

Wool Winder said...

Wishing you success in achieving your goals.

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