Thursday, January 10, 2008


I don't have much today in way of knitting. I blew through all of those hats, and have now started a baby sweater for Rykert's step-sister who is expecting a baby next month. The progress is a bit boring now, so it hasn't been photographed. Last night, Rykert and I spent the night watching my nieces and playing a rousing game of Wii bowling. I am much better bowling on the Wii than I am in real life.

Today, I've been thinking about lunch. I'm working on developing better habits for the New Year. The first of these was to go to the gym regularly. I've made it three mornings this week, so far, which is better than the previous 8 months or so combined (I have no shame). The other routine I would like to start is eating regular meals. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am not good at eating well or eating regularly. I sometimes forget to eat and then wonder why I am getting three items out of the vending machine at 3. Seriously. This happens. I'm not proud. My weird eating habits and the fact that I am incredibly picky eater have continued from childhood, and I've been unable to shake them in adulthood - though I do occasionally find something that I thought I hated but actually love.

To that end (and the fact that I ended up eating an unsatisfying Lunchable and granola bar from the gas station next door for lunch today), I've decided to revamp my breakfast and lunch routines. Dinner will still be a free for all. My ultimate goal is just to eat in a more sensible way. So, I started looking at lunchboxes. Being the apologetic consumer that I am, new things sometimes motivate me or at least I think they do (which is why I think I should buy new running shoes, a new swimsuit, etc.).

I'm considering one of these Laptop Lunchboxes. I'm kind of late to this party, as I remember seeing these all over blog land in the past inspired by the Vegan Lunchbox Blog. I really like the organization with everything in its own compartment and the fact that it reduces waste. It doesn't hurt that it comes in pink. Spatially, I think this is a good idea for me. It's easy to convince myself that the yogurt and applesauce I throw into my bag will be enough to fill me up (this philosophy leads me back to the vending machines on those afternoons). It seems like I will be more apt to fill in each compartment (which are still a reasonable size) with something which should help. I would probably also get the model that comes with a case as well just to make it easier to transport. In general, I'm attracted to the bento box-esque models of lunchboxes, but I could be convinced otherwise. So, I'm looking for your opinions... Anyone have one of these or something similar they'd like to recommend?

In addition to the new lunchbox, I'm going to need some lunch ideas. I do not like those frozen meals. My sister's laugh at me, but I think they take forever to heat up for something that it below mediocre at best. This is why I usually end up eating the greasy food brought into our cafeteria by various vendors (for example, yesterday it was all you can eat tacos from a local Mexican place) or to the Subway across the parking lot. In addition to being completely unhealthy, this adds up - probably more than I would like to admit. I'm not going to do the math. That led me to the Laptop Lunchboxes Group on Flickr. These people are incredible. They come up with all kinds of things to pack and take pictures which allows dummies like me to get ideas. I'll definitely be perusing it again before I head to the grocery store next time. There's also the Show Me Your Lunch Group. For those of you who brown bag it to work, what do you take? Oh, I should mention that, in general, I don't do leftovers (it's a weird keepsake from my childhood - my mom doesn't do leftovers either) - Rykert takes care of those in our house. All lunch ideas (the quicker, easier, and healthier the better) are appreciated.

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Debbie said...

I have a laptop lunch box and I really liked it a lot before I started taking huge salads that don't fit. I still like it, but don't use it as often. Those boxes hold more food than you think they will, and I always find myself searching for something to fill all of the boxes (which usually ended up being more veggies), which I think makes for a healthier meal. They're less useful if you tend toward soups and other more liquid foods, as only one of the inside boxes has a lid (well, beside the teeny one, that is) -- the outside box serves as the lid for the other containers.

At the Laptop Lunches site they have newsletter archives with quite a few suggestions for lunches (some directed toward kids, but many suitable for anyone), and it does come with a booklet with more ideas (these seem to be directed more toward kids, though).

I usually take leftovers and salads. Does it matter that I usually plan for leftovers to take for lunch? I'm not sure that's the same thing as true leftovers. Anyway. I agree those Flickr lunch groups are lots of fun. I do wonder where those folks find the time, though.

There are some other bento options, one is the Zojirushi lunch jar line, where all the round containers stack in an insulated jar. Also, I noticed the Coop has a lunchbox system that you might want to look at before ordering something -- I didn't look at them closely, though. In the downtown store they're right next to the coffee with the cookware, I'd imagine the Coralville store carries them too, but I haven't looked there. Just Bento has some guidelines on choosing containers for bentos, too.

Shannon said...

Have you tried the Amy's brand frozen meals (they sell them at New Pi)? I'm not a huge fan of frozen dinners either, but those are very good. I bring my lunch everyday, and I just got a new BuiltNY lunchbag. I do lots of leftovers, sandwiches and hummus and pita (Oasis Falafel hummus and pita lunch kits are available at local grocery stores.) Good luck!

Chelsea said...

I think I may need one of those lunch boxes. I am having trouble finding new lunch ideas and I think one of these may help. I am now wishing I had a tortilla filled with hummus rolled in a cute little box.

Knittripps said...

Do share! I am struggling with the same problem.

Anya said...

Those lunchboxes look cute, but too bulky for me and not appropriate for my work environment :) I just ordered this slim lunchbox from for $15.99 on sale. Very appropriate for a professional woman on the go!

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