Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What am I doing?

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I wasn't knitting Christmas gifts this year. That I was going to save myself the stress and utter humiliation that comes with starting too late and not finishing. Yeah, remember that? Well, I guess I've changed my mind. So, I've quickly (in just a matter of days) assembled a list of Christmas knits (though not for everyone on my list) that is, at best, overly ambitious. So, if there is any prayer of getting these items accomplished, well, then a list was needed and a realistic assessment made:

Pink "One Dropped Stitch Scarf - Finished. Did you hear that people? One down.

Sterling Feather and Fan Scarf - 50% finished. Target Completion Date: Sunday 12/9.

Bird in Hand Mittens #1 - 25% finished. One mitten halfway done. One more evening to complete Mitten #1. Target completion date: Saturday 12/8.

Bird in Hand Mittens #2 - Yarn procured and swatching done (see above). Target Completion Date: Wednesday 12/12 (I have Monday 12/10 off).

Bird in Hand Mittens #3 to match pink scarf above - Yarn procured and swatching done (see above): Target completion date: 12/24 (these may not happen, and will wait for January) Can you tell that I am smitten by this pattern?

Noro Feather and Fan Scarf - Yarn procured and pattern memorized. Target completion date: Monday 12/20.

Your Basic Hat - Yarn procured. Target completion date: Saturday 12/15.

Your Basic Hat - Need yarn. Target completion date: Thursday 12/22.

Felted Clogs (these will be for Rykert*) - Yarn procured and oft experienced pattern. Target completion Date: December 27

I will reassess in a week or so (my plans may be dramatically reduced at that time). Apparently, I really enjoy stress. This leaves a few additional cold weather gifts to make in the new year including hats for my nieces. Of course, this is all subject to change and even the smallest of set backs could move all of these dates back to 2008.

*Rykert has to work on his birthday (12/24) and Christmas this year. This is a real bummer for us. But Rykert, being the non-dramatic (that would be my role) reasonable guy that he is, has accepted his schedule. So, we'll be celebrating his birthday and Christmas the week between Christmas and New Years. The good news is that this give me an extra week to work on his gifts.

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Knittripps said...

Tag! Details are on my blog. I am pretty sure you have done this meme before and I am totally the last person in the knit blog world to do it.

The Bird in Hand Mittens are so cool!

Debbie said...

It's an impressive list. There really needs to be a 12-step program for whatever this is; I was feeling smug about my small list of two projects, but have since added two more projects as well. Fortunately, one of them really doesn't need to be done by Christmas.

Good luck with this. I'd cross my fingers, but then I wouldn't meet my goal for sure.

Wool Winder said...

The one thing I see that might put a snag in your plans is that you are knitting the same pattern three times in a row. I know you love it, but you might get sick of it by the time you get to the third pair. Good luck!

AndreaLea said...

Wow! You are an ambitious Christmas knitter.
Those Bird in Hand mittens are adorable.

Sara said...

I'm excited to see how the felted clogs turn out. They look so comfy.

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