Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Something's Gotta Give...

So, for the past few weeks it has been one winter storm after another. I think we've already had more inclement winter weather in the month of December than we had the entire winter last year. Sunday night, Rykert and I finally managed to break up and push away the thick layer of ice on our driveway from the ice storm a week before. Then there was snow last Thursday. And now today, we have another ice storm. The trees and power lines are heavy with ice. I'm working from home. I braved the roads this morning and went into the office. There were only a few other people there and I was encouraged to head home with my laptop before things deteriorated even further. So, here I sit. I'm watching the freezing rain which should be quickly turning to sleet and snow. I'm also looking out at the neighbor's tree branches that are nearly touching the ground. The snow has a nice sheet of ice over the top, and I could ice skate in our backyard.

The ice on the trees, while dangerous and destructive, is very pretty...



Out my kitchen window...

Basketball, anyone?


The knitting is progressing. While I'm not on schedule, I have gotten more realistic as to what will be finished. The Feather and Fan scarves which were to be gifted to my grandmas will wait. They will each get a little surprise in their mailboxes in January or February rather than at Christmas. I hope they won't mind.

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Wool Winder said...

I love the frozen basketball net. Stay safe and warm.

Jennifer said...

Dang - that totally stinks. At least no one was hurt. My neighbor had a tree fall on their house and car... and then another tree fell right down the middle of the house 10 days later. Yikes!

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