Sunday, December 23, 2007

Running out of time

It's Christmas Eve eve. I had a shaky start on my drive to my parent's this morning, but made it safe and sound. It snowed last night and combined with the wind we had three foot drifts in our driveway. I think we had the entire neighborhood's snow piled up. It took us an hour to shovel out which led us to the conclusion that a snow blower would be very handy. Of course, we couldn't buy a snowblower because we couldn't get the car out of the garage.

I had to leave Rykert home because he has to work tonight, tomorrow (his birthday :-( ), and Christmas. That's the pain of working in his field. We're planning on a Christmas re-do next weekend.

I knit my fingers to the bone yesterday, and managed to finish a few projects that are ready to be wrapped...

The first one I actually finished on our drive to New Orleans over Thanksgiving.
One Drop Scarf
This is the One Drop Scarf knit in Cascade Ecological Wool. There's ample yarn left for either mittens or a hat, but I didn't get to them yet.

Next, are the Bird in Hand Mittens. I got two pairs completed.
Bird in Hand Mittens 2
BIrd in Hand MIttens 2
Blue and Cream Cascade 220

BIrd in Hand MIttens 1
Bird in Hand Mittens1
Red and Cream Cascade 220
These were really fun to make. They're knit on smaller needles. Of course, because I am a very tight knitter and wanted to knit the largest size, I ended up using US 6. This is probably the biggest needle anyone will ever use on these. They create a very dense, very warm mitten. I want to knit myself a pair next month using brown as the main color and light pink as the contrasting color.

I still have 2 hats to finish. One that is half way done and the second that has not even been started. I'm still holding out a bit of hope that these could be completed today. I'm probably delusional, but I don't really have anything planned so it is possible.

The deer continue to graze in our backyard...
Here's a better shock of the buck with the baby in the background.
Out the back door 12-22-07

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Ruby Banshee said...

Merry Christmas! I sympathize with Rykert, as I am working today for 12, tomorrow for 24, then have to give a powerpoint presentation (as yet un-written) at the very end of my 24 hr shift on Wed. Bah Humbug! I'll be re-doing x-mas next week too.
Your knitting is lovely! I LOVE the blue mittens. I want to make that scarf big-time.

Sara said...

Those mittens are gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

janna said...

I love the mittens -- that pattern is in my queue!

Wool Winder said...

Looks like you did pretty well on completing your Christmas knitting. That's a lot to finish in a short amount of time.

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