Saturday, December 01, 2007

Covered in Ice.

I had intended to spend the day getting a nice chunk of Christmas shopping done. But, the weather is not cooperating. It is, in a word, nasty outside. Weather is a primary topic of conversation in Iowa, and generally speaking, dominates 75% of local news coverage. So, when the weatherpeople started predicting today's storm, I didn't really pay attention. They're always sending everyone into an apocalyptic scurry. Well, they weren't kidding. I woke up this morning, and decided that if I was to be at all productive today, I would need to hit the grocery store. While on my way to the store, it started sleeting (little pellets of ice that sort of look like snow but cover everything in ice). By the time I got my groceries, my car was covered in a thin layer of ice that needed to be scraped if I had any hope of seeing my way to the drive up lane (yes, you drive up and they put your groceries in the car - only recently did I come to realize that not all grocery stores offer this service). Since returning, I've watched a Project Runway marathon while knitting a scarf for my grandma for Christmas, made homemade meatballs and marinara, made a spinach dip, and a batch of cookies. I also have a few more make ahead meals planned for tomorrow as well as another batch of cookies.

We did get our Christmas decorations up this week. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice they turned out. We had to buy a new tree. I don't really do the live Christmas tree thing. I find it incredibly wasteful to sacrifice a perfectly good tree which will shrivel up into a fire hazard by Christmas. Plus it is just easier to do the fake route. The trouble was finding one that was in our price range. I didn't want one that was pre-lit, because I like to have lots and lots of lights. So, we finally found one and I put on the lights. This is what about a 1000 mini lights look like on a 7 foot fake spruce tree:
Christmas Tree 07
Our ornament collection is still growing.

Here's the rest of the front room, which has finally been cleaned up and some of the pictures finally hung for the season. The mantle...

Christmas Mantle 07
Here, you can see that there are still pictures to hang.

My Charlie Brown Christmas tree with Linus blanket.
Charlie Brown Tree
Excuse the blurriness of some of the pictures. I was trying to capture the lights... With so many lights on the tree, it is much prettier at night than during the day. Luckily the room housing the tree has generally poor light anyway.

We have lit wreaths outside, but I hope you will excuse me for not going outside this afternoon to take a picture...

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Knittripps said...

The weather in the Des Moines area had not been good today. Fortunately, I did not have to leave the house. Your decorations look very nice:)

Wool Winder said...

Everything looks very festive! I can tell you really enjoy this time of year. I don't feel bad about buying a fresh cut tree, because they are grown specifically for this purpose.

Jennifer said...

Awww - I love the Charlie Brown Tree. Thanks for sharing. I've never seen it except on the cartoon. Yours is adorable.

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