Sunday, December 02, 2007

Biggest Aluminum Tree I Can Find.

I was thinking about my comment in the post below about our choice to go fake for Christmas. People have different traditions for Christmas, and I do love the smell and look of a fresh Christmas tree. So, I started thinking about the environmental impact of the decision and did a little research. Frankly, it's probably a toss up. If you buy your fresh or live tree from a local grower and you understand the process involved in growing (i.e. pesticide use, wages of workers, etc), then it is likely a better choice than the fake route. I don't know this for certain, though I should have paid better attention, but the tree we purchased was likely made in China of petro based products and then carted into the local Target. Not exactly a zero impact environmentally. Not to mention the fact that if I chewed on the branches, I would probably be poisoned.

Rykert and I commented as we went to the store to purchase a tree the lack of tradition in the process. You know, it was just like the days of yore when you got all bundled up, headed to the flourescent light of the big box store, and chose a tree from a box which was made in China. You can even buy a tree pre-decorated. Seriously. If anyone has comments or information on the question of real v. fake, I'd love to hear it.

With the dry air of Iowa, it seems like every fresh tree we had growing up was completely dried up by Christmas. Not to mention that keeping a dog away from a fresh tree always seems to be a little more difficult. It's bad enough that she has been trying to "fetch" the balls off of the tree as it is. So, all of this is to say, that I meant no judgment by my comment below. In some ways, I think we just took the lazy route. Though we did consider a live tree that could be planted in the spring. The problem with this is keeping it live until the ground thaws. I'm not so good with potted plants. We may still get a small live tree that we can plant in the spring.

Frankly, if it was just me, and not Rykert, I would have followed Lucy's suggestion: "Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find, Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink." Speaking of a pink Christmas, I still need to show you the pink feather tree I put in my craft room. It will likely stay up all year long...

If anyone is interested in the Charlie Brown tree pictured below, it came from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago, though they still have them. As did the Linus blanket being used as a tree skirt. A portion of the proceeds from the blanket go to Project Linus, a great charity.

Can you tell how much I love the Charlie Brown Christmas Special? Rykert and I were having a conversation about who has recorded the definitive version of certain Christmas songs. Santa Baby = Madonna; Santa Claus is Coming to Town = Bruce Springsteen, etc. We decided that the Charlie Brown version of "Hark! the Herald Angels" is the definitive version, in our opinion. More on my Christmas playlist coming soon. What are you favorites? My mom would say Neil Diamond's version of "O Holy Night," and I would say that I prefer Josh Groban's.

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Megan said...

Ha! I've never heard anything by Josh Groban, but I agree with your mom- Neil Diamond's "O Holy Night" is fabulous. Actually, his entire first Christmas album is my favorite CD to play at Christmastime. I'm glad to know I have some company ;)

Debbie said...

Real versus fake trees is a popular topic among green bloggers this year, and the reasoning goes along the lines you lay out, some ending up on one side, some on the other. One blogger pointed out that often Christmas tree farms use land that isn't really arable for anything else and thus they keep the developers at bay.

The consensus seems to be it's okay to purchase a fake tree if you plan to use it, basically, forever. A local tree farm would be better, and better still would be a live tree that you plant outdoors come spring.

I don't do Christmas trees any more (but always got a "real" one when I did), and I don't have anywhere to plant a tree anyway, but I'd try to go the live tree route if I still did such things. Second choice for me would be a local tree farm for a freshly cut tree. (Are there any? There must be.) And either one would be a lovely tradition.

It seems to me, though, that the fact that you're even thinking about it and weighing the various options is a good thing. Think of the millions who never give it a second thought.

Knittripps said...

My favorite all time is "Blue Christmas" sung by Elvis.

As a side note, we have both a real and a fake tree. We bought our nice fake tree when we still lived in an apartment and could not have a real tree. I love the smell of real trees but it seemed wasteful not to use our fake tree so we set both up.

Wool Winder said...

In a few years I predict John and I will not put up a tree at all. The first year the kids do not come home will probably be the time. Until then, we'll go with a fresh cut tree, not for any environmental reason, but just because we like them and as you mentioned, it's our tradition. I think a fake tree can come with traditions too. Go with which ever one makes you happy. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

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