Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Three years ago, Rykert and I got married. Our decision to get married was more practical than romantic. No grand gestures, as it really isn't our style. A simple wedding with lots of family.

wedding pic 2
(Please ignore the fact that I seem to have two chins in this picture. I do not like having my picture taken.)

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Rykert's family came in on Wednesday, spent Thanksgiving with my family, and prolonged the celebration by a few days. The weather was horrible - cold and sleet. If you plan a wedding for June and the weather doesn't cooperate, you are disappointed. If you plan a wedding in late November in Iowa, then you plan on bad weather. Regardless it was a really great day, and it ended in pure gluttony - standing around the remains of our wedding cake with family devouring the remains.

We didn't exchange gifts, though we considered going to Target together to pick out cards, exchange and read them, and then return them to the card racks. But in the end, we just had dinner and put up Christmas decorations. While we were at dinner, the dog, who was incarcerated in our kitchen, got on the counters and devoured a box of homemade caramels, 3 mini loaves of banana bread, and a bag of peanut butter dog treats. I was and remain unamused. Though I am impressed at her dexterity and ability to remove the sticky caramels from the waxed paper.

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Kaitie Tee said...

Happy Anniversary!

My dog once ate an entire sheet cake without knocking the cake pan on the floor, but he had frosting all over his back. It looked like he had rolled in it for hours. Part of me wishes I could have seen how he managed it.

Knittripps said...

Happy Anniversary!

Our first Christmas with Shiloh we took him to my in-laws' house. He managed to take a steak off the counter that was waiting to be cooked and inhaled it before anyone saw him. We only noticed when we counted the steaks and came up one short.

Wool Winder said...

Happy Anniversary!

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