Thursday, November 08, 2007

Skipping Thanksgiving.

While I absolutely need the break from work over Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to our trip south, I wouldn't mind just foregoing Thanksgiving and just skipping right ahead to Christmas. Specifically, I'm itching to get the decorations up. Rykert has incredibly strong feelings about this. The most Rykert is willing to grant is to help me put (some of?) the decorations up the day before we leave for Louisiana so they'll be ready when we get home. Sigh. He's probably right. I have noticed that the Christmas festivities have inched ridiculously farther back. How could you not notice this? Target had Christmas decorations in the store before all of the Halloween acoutrements were put away creating an incredibly strange dichotomy. And don't even get me started on Hobby Lobby. I'm fairly certain that they've had Christmas decorations up since the Fourth of July (or Labor Day at the very latest). Rykert contends that Hobby Lobby never puts the Christmas decor away.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I purchased some really cute wooden buildings from Hobby Lobby with the hopes of crafting some sort of Christmas decoration for house. (I was thinking a little grouping of these on a table in our living room or on the mantle.) With the craft sale pending (which I still have low expectations for, I repeat), I decided to put one together last night. Many coats of paint (including some that will not come off of my hands though it was labeled water-based) and glitter later, we have this...

Little Church

I think it is cute. If I was really ambitious I'd craft some church-goers out of my stash of blank wooden dolls. (Maybe I still will). There are two little houses yet to come. I'm thinking that these will be lit... Something like this:

Little Church - lit up

This look is achieved with a cheap strand of Christmas lights (and a yet to be placed drill hole in the back). I like the effect, but am not keen on the string of lights as you peak through the window in full light. I'm going to see what I can find as far as cabinet lighting (something small and cheap). If that's too expensive, then the Christmas lights will do.

On another note, this posting everyday takes more pre-planning than I ever imagined. Specifically, I have to think ahead at night to take pictures of what I want to post the next day.

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Debbie said...

Very cute! Especially when lit. Perhaps lining the inside with paper or other material would hide the lights?

I know what you mean about finding stuff to write about everyday. I've decided posts don't have to have pictures ...

Wool Winder said...

I like the way it looks with the lights. Very neat!

You can get ahead this weekend (if you're off work) by taking lots of pictures for next week's posts.

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