Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Me.

I'm really digging to the bottom of the barrel trying to get something posted today. I didn't take the time to take any pictures last night, and my crafting as been fairly redundant these past few nights. However, the addition of a mounted tv in my craft room (thanks to Rykert) and a chair for Rykert to keep me company has made the crafting that much better and the evenings slip by that much faster. Of course, the week that I stay up late enough to watch The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, the writer strike forces them into very very old re-runs. But, I digress.

When searching for daily blog fodder this November, I could result to what I know (but law, politics, and the daily sleep habits of my dog are hardly entertaining). So, everyone's seen those memes floating all over blogland and occasionally arriving in our inboxes disguised as chain letters. From time to time a meme has even appeared here.

So today, instead of finding an actual meme, I give you 8 random facts about me (which is probably an actual meme subject somewhere). Most of which are not big secrets.

1. I am completely deaf in my left ear. They think it was some kind of illness (maybe chicken pox) as a child. By the time they discovered it when I was 6, I had basically already adapted. I tried hearing aids in the 80s, but they were tinny, buzzed around electronics, and made everything into a recording. I've made do just fine ever since.

2. I have 2 sisters. I'm in the middle.

3. I have a degree in political science with a minor in philosophy. As I was getting ready to graduate from college, it became very clear that I really had no marketable skills whatsoever (save my mad waitressing skills). Thus, I ended up in law school. That being said I do like to talk politics - sometimes taking the opposite side for fun and a challenge. I've been known to bait and switch. Anytime Rykert and I have a political conversation, I consider sending him an invoice for the consult because of my major and all.

4. I attended and graduated from Tulane University. But my degree was actually issued by a the women's college within Tulane, Newcomb College. Newcomb College, a very historic institution, has been disbanded following Hurricane Katrina with the administration using Katrina as a pretext (all we have left is a Wikipedia entry). This has made me very very angry. I have written letters, and given the annual fund a piece of my mind on this issue everytime they call. In addition, I've been following closely a lawsuit that has been filed saying that the University unlawfully took funds that were donated for the purpose of the creation of a women's institution and dispersed them against the donor's intent. (As a geeky legal aside, this has potentially significant implications related to donor intent and charitable giving.) So, I'm an alumna without an actual alma mater with a degree from a now defunct institution.

5. I have more food idiosyncracies than anyone you will meet. I eat nearly everything with a fork: Pizza, wings, etc. I'm excessively picky about what I eat. I don't eat very healthy. And I have a very "sensitive" digestive system. I love bread but feel that it may be part of my health woes (that story for another day).

6. I worked as a prosecutor while in law school. While I really enjoyed it, if I'm being honest I would have to say that I don't think that I have the soul to be a prosecutor. I would let just about anyone with a sob story out of tickets for payment of court costs. However, I won every bench trial, save 1, I tried, because I almost always got the defendant to admit every element of the crime (and by crime, I mean simple misdemeanors - generally traffic). I don't think that this made me an exceptionally talented lawyer; I was just constantly faced with unknowing defendants.

7. My first car was a 1978 1974 Volkswagon Beetle that I inherited from my older sister. It didn't have heat (and I grew up here in Iowa). It did, however, have a lot of style and character. My second car was a Chevy Sprint, a precursor to the Geo Metro. I'm pretty sure that it had a hamster in a wheel running the engine. It did have heat, though. Rykert and I will be buying two cars in the near future. This is going to hurt. While I would like to get a hybrid, the change from 0 car payments to 2 will likely impose tight budget constraints.

8. I taught myself to knit in 2002 from a 1980s booklet purchased at Wal-Mart ("I Can't Believe I Taught Myself to Knit" to be precise). My goal was to knit baby hats. My first project was a hat on double point needles using cotton yarn and too small needles. The ridiculous gauge nearly caused me to give up due to the crippling feeling in my knuckles. My second project was a pair of socks, because I wanted to use self-striping yarn. I returned to scarves sometime after that.

The wind is really howling tonight and fall has certainly arrived. I'm hoping my newly ordered winter coat will be arriving soon.

Oh, and about this posting every day thing: I think I'll likely not make it. We're leaving on Sunday or Monday for Louisiana for a week. I could take my computer with me, but then I'd be tempted to check in on work regularly. I definitely need to disconnect for work for a while, so I will probably not lug a computer along. This will make posting less likely. Why November for this posting everyday thing? Wouldn't February, when there is nothing to do but be cold, be a better month.

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Emily said...

I thought the bug was a 1974.

Wool Winder said...

My alma mater was bought out by another University and the name was changed. It's almost like it doesn't exist anymore, so I understand how you feel.

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