Sunday, November 11, 2007


Apparently, Saturdays are not for posting. I've now missed 2 in a row. Oh well.

I've been extremely busy this weekend crafting away. My back is incredibly sore from being bent over at the sewing machine for hours on end. I wish I had pictures to show you all of my efforts, but it was incredibly dreary here in Iowa City and the natural lighting left much to be desired. It was dreary, but at least it was unseasonably warm. This is good news for Nola who got a long walk and a trip to the dog park.

It's looking like it will be a very busy week. Work has quickly piled up after my day out of the office on Friday, and my evenings will be consumed with other obligations and lots of crafting in preparation for next week's little sale.

And on craft sales... The smaller local mall had a craft sale this weekend. My mom, sister, and I happened upon it yesterday. It's an interesting microcosm related to individual taste. You see, I didn't see anything at that sale that I would have purchased - no matter the price. The items were just not of my taste. But obviously someone found these items to be attractive, etc. or the creator never would have made them, right? Well, it made me think of my own first craft sale experiment next weekend. Everything I make is something that I like, and that I would purchase. But understandably, it will not be everyone's taste or preference. So, that's what makes these craft sales (or the selling of handmade items in general) such a crap shoot - you don't always get the proper seller and buyer (with similar taste) matched up. Because everything I'm making for the craft sale I had planned on making for The Preemie Project sale or to give as Christmas gfits, I won't be out anything if it is a total flop (which is a very strong, and likely possibility).

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Debbie said...

I saw that craft sale yesterday, too, and had the same reaction. There wasn't a single thing there I would be willing to purchase or spend my time making.

I think you've got the right attitude for your own craft sale -- just take it as it comes without any real expectations either way, just an interesting experiment to have fun with.

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Good luck at your craft sale!

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