Sunday, November 04, 2007

A closed mouth gathers no feet.

So, apparently, I spoke too soon. I am a mere 4 days into November, and have already missed a day of blogging. Here's what happened, we went to my parent's yesterday morning, and blogging sort of slipped away. I talked about blogging and tried to think of something to blog, but then just didn't do it. My apologies to those who came looking for a post yesterday.

But I'm back and re-committing myself to this blog every day deal...

My sister has taken up knitting. By taken up I mean that she has learned to cast on and knit. The purling is still a work in progress and knitting in the round (though I cast on for her) is still a bit of a challenge.

Here she is with her first piece which I helped her cast on a couple of a weeks ago.


I helped her cast on a couple of weeks ago and then taught her the knit stitch. She took it from there. She called me a couple of days later to ask if I remembered how many stitches she started with, 25 I think. She told me that she now had 40 stitches. Apparently she was knitting twice into each stitch.

So let's take a closer look:


See that bottom part. That's where the accident occurred. I had her knit 2 together to get back down to the 25-ish stitches she started with, and thus, leaving her with this odd shaping down at the bottom there. Otherwise, it's pretty good for a first project (though she's abandoned it without finishing because she knows it will never be worn). The stitches are fairly even and the new scarf she has started has no such issues. It's more art object than scarf.

BTW: She's going to kill me for posting pictures on the internet.

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Bridget said...

I am going to kill you for this! These could be the worst pictures I have ever seen! Thanks....I owe you big time. FYI.....almost done w/ the 2nd scarf and it is much better than the first. Didn't take much, I realize that.

Libby said...

Bridget - next time I'll call Glamour Shots for a consult.

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