Monday, November 26, 2007

Bloggus Interuptus

Sometimes, a break from the computer is just what you need...

Of course, the blog every day thing went to the wayside, but not without good reason. Last Sunday, Rykert and I packed the car and dog and headed to Louisiana to spend the holiday with his family. We had a nice visit, ate well, and traveled back yesterday in a bit of a haze. Traveling with a dog was interesting, but I can't say that we will be doing it again. While the dog was amazingly well behaved (we couldn't really ask for better from a six month old puppy), it was difficult on us and her to change up the routine. She slept almost the entire way both directions. She was either very stressed or lazy, maybe both. Next time, we'll probably find her somewhere to stay around here. The smells of the hotel where we stopped on the way down nearly sent her over the edge. I don't really want to think about that.

I'm back to work this morning, though I'm admittedly not 100%. Over a week away can do that. The next few days should be pretty busy, but regular blogging should return by mid to late this week. I'm really excited about Christmas and want to get some decorations up this week. Rykert and I have been planning our exterior illumination. I have a theory about outdoor Christmas decorations. There is only 2 ways to go: (1) very simple and tasteful (a few lights well placed) or (2) Clark Griswold style over the top. I don't think that we have the energy for number 2 this year (and our neighbors might not appreciate 40 inflatable snowmen/ Santas in the front yard distracting traffic). I guess we'll try the less is more approach.

I need to find some Christmas music...

Oh, and I need to make more cupcake ornaments. And plan the baking.

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